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Ahhhh more rain! We’ve been needing rain in North County, it’s so dry lately. That worries me. When it’s dry outside we tend to forget about our rain gutters. Embarrassing story… I must confess that I got busy and forgot to apply my mantra of “clean gutters before rain” to the gutters on my own San Marcos CA house. And so they overflowed. That’s why I should know better, being in the rain gutter industry. Whoops!

Since you already know it’s best to clean gutters before rain I won’t go into the obvious details about why it’s best. Such as to avoid flooding, water stains on walls and concrete, soil erosion around your home, etc. A little bit of gutter cleaning effort goes a long way towards water disaster prevention.

Embarrassing Story

Anyway, back to the embarrassing story. As you may expect, when it rains gutter installer get super busy with customer service calls. While I was out running around helping my customers clean and maintain their gutters for the rain I was neglecting mine. It’s not like I was ignoring them or being lazy, I plain forgot!

I’m sure this same thing happens to you once in a while. It’s okay. And it’s an easy fix too. Just set up a schedule for regular quarterly maintenance. Or set an alert on your phone or on a calendar as a reminder to check and clean gutters before rain. Stick to it, make it happen. It’s one of those “adulting” things we homeowners have to do from time to time.

Clean gutters before rain.

Early Prevention Beats Damage Control

Waiting until it rains to clean gutters is… unpleasant. (Trying to keep my wording clean and family friendly here – LOL) Seriously, climbing ladders and slogging though wet cold nasty gutter splooge in the middle of a rain storm is not something you really want to do. It’s gross. And it’s a dangerous slip and fall activity too.

So it’s good peace of mind to clean gutters before rain on your own best timing. Not when it’s most inconvenient and unpleasant to do so but rather when it’s convenient for you and during nice weather. Then it’s not so bad. And also, when it’s nice out you can spend a little extra time checking your gutters for leaks, wear, problems, and other maintenance issue to address. Early prevention is always better than later damage control.

Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps you. Have a super day! And please contact me with questions or if you need a local rain gutter service. Cheers!

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