Cleaning Clogged Rain Gutters after High Winds

How quickly we forget about our rain gutters during busy times. I cleaned my own gutters a few months ago. Then recently we had a Santa Ana blow though with high winds. Lasting only a couple days it blew hard enough to completely fill my gutters again with debris. So I climbed back up on the roof and cleaned them again.

This is what it takes, only a half hour of my time to save so much trouble and BS later when it rains. Sometimes work gets busy and I’m cleaning and installing gutters for other people. And then I neglect my own. And when it rains I totally regret it.

Avoid the Mess

Clogged rain gutters make such a mess! Water overflows and then floods walkways, patios, gardens, etc. I hate when that happens! The absolute worse is going up on my roof in the middle of the night during a windy rain storm and slogging the wet muck out of my gutters. Ughh… that’s seriously the worst!

HOA Gutters: Cleaning, Maintenance, and Repairs

So just keep that in mind next time the Santa Ana winds kick up. Sure it’s dry then, but it doesn’t stay dry for long. And before you know it, it’s raining again. And then you’re looking at your gutters and wondering where the time went. It’s really best to have gutter cleaning during nice weather.

If you can’t or don’t want to clean your own gutters, for whatever the reason, just give me call. We’ll make it happen for you so you won’t have to worry about your gutters flooding next time it rains. Then you can rest inside all warm, dry, and comfy knowing all is well outside.

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