Straight Face / Flat Face Gutter Cross Section Drawing
Straight Face / Flat Face Gutter Cross Section Drawing

Flat face gutters are the same as straight face rain gutters; it’s just a different name for them. They look like what the name implies: the “face”, meaning the outward facing part you see, is flat. The style of this gutter is sleek and plain. Sometime plain is good because then they blend in instead of stand out.

Sometimes, depending on home design, you might want your gutters to stand out. Noticeable gutter materials are copper half round and aluminum K-Style gutters. In contrast, flat face rain gutters are nearly invisible. When the color matches your home then they blend right in thus allowing the showcasing of your beautiful home instead of your svelte and functional rain gutters.

These seamless rain gutters are also known as “invisible” gutters because of the way they blend in to the architecture, especially when the color of the gutter matches the building.

Seamless Flat Face Gutters

Flat Face Gutters AKA Straight Face Rain Gutters
Seamless flat face gutters color match on house.

We custom make your new flat face gutters at your house in using our mobile gutter forming machine that is mounted in our work van. The bulk aluminum rolls come in a variety of colors. So finding a color that either matches or compliments the color of your home is pretty easy.

After taking measurements we begin custom making your new gutters on our machine. We can make them just about any length we want (within reason of course). So that means you get seamless gutters on your home!

Water Flow

Even though flat face rain gutters look to be about the same size on your home, and they fit just about the same, they are actually larger inside. That is because of the decorative nature of half round and K-Style gutters. Those external designs take up space on the inside. Those gutters have less internal volume and so they flow less water than a flat face gutter.

These gutters are simple in design. They feature flat straight sides and bottom. This accommodates a higher volume of water and a faster flow rate too. They are also great for long gutter runs. Since they can handle more water at a higher flow rate they are also great for large roofs or tall steep sloping roofs that flow more water faster.

If you have any direct questions about flat face gutters please ask. I give free custom price quotes too. Call, text, or email. You can also reach me on facebook. All contact info is below.

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