Galvanized Steel Gutters

Galvanized steel gutters are a popular choice for gutters on commercial buildings. Because they are more rigid than aluminum and generally larger in size. And also they accept paint well to match the colors of your structure. Long lasting and durable, they are a good investment.

galvanized steel rain gutters half round
Galvanized steel rain gutters, half round example.

Galvanized steel rain gutters are more rigid than aluminum gutters. They are more resilient to impact from occasional striking objects. Steel stands up better in situations where aluminum can’t. Such as ladders, fallen branches, footsteps from careless workers, heavy rain and even hail.

Steel is a popular option for commercial buildings. Bare steel rusts. In comparison our galvanized zinc coating seals the steel and makes them highly resistant to rusting. So they are long lasting and durable.

Galvanized steel is a denser metal than aluminum. In climates that see wide temperature changes, such as coastal or desert environs, aluminum can change shape and size a little. It’s not generally a noticeable change to the naked eye but it has a huge impact on the alignment of spacers, end caps, downspouts and hanger mounting hardware.

Over years of swelling and contracting these joining points can fail and leak. With galvanized steel gutters thermal warping isn’t an issue, which makes galvanized steel better in hot or rapidly changing environments.

Custom Fit Seamless Galvanized Steel Gutters

Our galvanized steel rain gutters are custom cut onsite by our gutter forming specialist. Seamless gutters begin as a roll of flat metal. Then we bend the metal into the right gutter shape by running it through a machine in our truck. They are then cut to the right length for seamless installation. And because seamless guttering has no joints except at the corners this gives a much cleaner look.

Gutter Sizing

  • We determine best gutter sizing according to the roof area they are draining.
  • Five inch wide K-style gutters are a residential home standard.
  • Six inch wide K-style gutters are standard for larger roofs.
  • Half-round gutters are typically 1 inch wider than K-style to provide the equivalent capacity.

NOTE: 6 inch half-round gutters are equivalent to 5 inch K-style. Four inch wide K-style and 5 inch half-round gutters are uncommon except on small roofs because of their lower flow capacity.

Wider gutters are best for certain hard surface roofing materials, such as slate and tile. And also on steeply-pitched roofs to prevent water from shooting over the gutter. A larger gutter also flows more water faster toward the downspouts.

In the event a larger gutter partially clogs with debris it will then perform better than a smaller gutter with a similar clog. For these reasons we always recommend the larger sizes where it will fit. When it comes to rain gutters, bigger is better.

The Role of the Gutter Specialist

“Gutters are an art form,” says Greg Martin, owner of AAA Pro 1 Rain Gutters. “It takes time to learn the proper pitch and angle and the subtlety of crossing or blending vertical and horizontal lines.” The result is a gutter system that can handle the rain flow of a commercial roof without adding unsightly bulk to the roof line.

This attention to detail ensures a water tight fit on all joining sections, protects your investment, functions flawlessly, looks great and lasts for 30+ years.

So call today for a free onsite quote of our galvanized steel gutter installation services.

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