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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give your home’s rain gutter system too much thought. And that’s unfortunate because it’s important to prevent flooding for protecting the integrity and value of your home. The guttering system serves no purpose until it rains, but when it does, a properly functioning gutter system is the only way to ensure that the rain water won’t cause damage as it runs down your walls and collects at the foundation of your home.

Prevent Flooding Water Damage with a Good Rain Gutter System

One single rain storm drops an incredible amount of water on the roof of your house. When flowing rainwater is uncontrolled, it can get in between the siding, stucco, wood, or other material that covers your home and protects it from the elements. Water running uncontrolled down the side of a house can also get behind window frames and other openings thus causing further damage. Water damage is usually expensive to repair.

The Damage that Rainwater Can Cause

Lacking proper guidance the rain water would run down your roof and subsequently pour down the walls passing over (and maybe into) window frames, windows, door frames, doors and then puddle at the bottom of the house. Here’s a good example of house water damage when there are no gutters at all.

Your rain gutters control the flow of water into a direction that is suitable for safe discharge. That way you avoid potential flooding and water damage. Insurance claims from flooding are extensive. 60% of current home insurance claims are due to bad weather conditions. Home owners need to prepare their home for bad weather by checking trees, gutters, downspouts and drains for proper function. You need gutters that work right!

Prevent Flooding

Leaky gutters needed cleaning and repairs.
Leaky gutters need cleaning and repairs.

One can take simple steps to prepare a property for the worst that the weather can bring. Built up leaves, seeds, dirt and other debris that find their way into your gutters can lead to a blockage in the system which in turn can lead to major problems. The good news is most of these blockages can be easy to clear. But it must be done often, ideally at the beginning of winter before the rains begin, during times of nice weather. The second best time to clean your gutters is right now!

Clogged Gutter Yuck from Leaves and Other Debris


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