Clogged Gutter Yuck from Leaves and Other Debris

Thoughts always turn to rain gutters when it’s raining. Makes sense, right? But should you also be thinking about your rain gutters during times of nice weather? Yeah, sure. Here’s why: If your gutters need cleaning when it’s dry out then they won’t work for you when it’s wet. They will be full and not flow water properly. Then you’ll be in trouble!

Leaky gutters needed cleaning and repairs.
Leaky gutters needed cleaning and repairs.

There’s nothing worse than slogging yourself outside in nasty weather trying to climb a ladder onto your wet roof and clean out your gutters. Let me tell you something more about that. When gutters are dry they are easy to clean. When gutter debris is wet it’s absolutely disgusting to clean them out. All the dry fluffy stuff turns to pure muck. It’s really best to clean gutters before rain, when it’s dry out.

Other than cleaning gutters in the rain being a gross experience, it can be dangerous too. Just think of the slip and fall issues. You don’t want that!

Avoid Gutter Cleaning Hazards

Another thing about cleaning gutters in nice weather is you can get service when you want it. When it’s raining we are literally swamped (pun intended)! We might not have any time available to come over for service during emergency bad weather. But when it’s nice out, there’s time in our schedule. Also, you can book service for when it’s convenient for you. Not like rain water emergencies that tend to happen in the most inconvenient times.

Avoid Emergency Mode

During nice weather, we get a chance to thoroughly inspect your gutters and suggest repairs or upgrades. When it’s nasty weather time we’re all in emergency mode. So we fix the immediate crisis and then move on the help the next customer in desperate need. You don’t want to be desperate! And you don’t want to get though a crisis then forget about your gutters until the need rain storm. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. So that’s why it’s best to call and schedule gutter cleaning and maintenance during times of nice weather.

Gutter cleaning in nice weather is a great idea! We give free rain gutter inspections by appointment. At that time we will also give you prices quotes for any service you may want or need. Just call or text us.

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