The Problem

Looking at my neighbor’s house the other day I realized he doesn’t have any rain gutters. Not one. BTW he owns the home. You can see rain water falls off the roof directly onto a cement walkway that is against the house wall. It has water damage stains and pock marks in a line where the water has worn away the surface over the years.

The stucco wall is dirty, stained, moldy with water damage from the water splashing up. And then the water runs off the walkway into the dirt yard. He’s had severe flooding there many times that I know of. And that’s just the one wall I can see from my house. Who knows what’s happening on the other 3 sides of his house that I can’t see.

Photos of Water Damage

These are cell phone photos from my yard looking into his. So it’s not pro quality but I think you can see what I’m talking about here.

Massive water damage along wall

In the image above notice there in no rain gutter on the edge of the roof. Then look down at all the water and mold damage along the wall. Especially bad behind the palm tree on the left. Lots of colors here. The wall is peach color. You can see dark patches that is mold growth and dirt. Darker peach/rust color is water discoloration and damage. The lighter peach color is where the homeowner tried to paint over the discoloration, mold and damage.

Gutter musings about water damage on wall and concrete from Not Having Rain Gutters

Above is a close up view with some red lines pointing to what I’m talking about. Ignore the dark area on the walkway that is up against the house. That’s just a shadow due to the time of day I took the photo. But do notice the huge chunk of concrete missing near the wall on the right side. And see the pits, pock marks, and line of damage on the walkway from rain water falling of the roof.

Since this photo is on a warm day in July the ground is quite dry. In the winter when it rains a lot the flooding gets really bad. His side yard is right next to my house a mere 20′ away.

Chatting him up

So the other day I saw him in his yard and said hello. I asked him about his lack of rain gutters. I reminded him that my company makes and installs rain gutters. And that I’m happy to take care of him and hook him up with a good deal. He said he doesn’t need rain gutters. I pointed out the areas of damage and voiced my concerns. He looked and merely just shrugged. Are rain gutters really necessary? In my opinion, yes they are!

Then I told him that his wall is his business, none of mine. But the flooding that seeps into my yard from his is causing a problem for me. So now he’s considering gutters on that side of the house but still doesn’t care about the other three sides. He’s a good guy. Heard my concerns and wants to fix it. But what about HIS property? His house is incurring damage because of the rain water falling off all sides of the house. It’s becoming a big problem for him, his property, and the health safety of his family!

I explained to him how easy it is to route the rain water away from his home with a simple rain gutter system and properly placed downspouts. Again, he shrugged.

Gutter Musings

So here I am left wondering. Why does he not care? In this day and age of modern homes and conveniences I’m still mystified as to why some people don’t have rain gutters. Especially since there is a wide variety of rain gutters available to match and compliment the style of any home. See our gallery for examples.

If it’s about the cost, then know that a full system is super affordable, ridiculously so in fact. We also take credit cards. There’s home equity loans too. So budgeting is easy.

Did you know it’s cheaper to install rain gutters now than paying for major water damage repairs later? And then there’s the health concerns. People should not take chances with the their health or that of their loved ones. Standing water causes all sorts of health issues. So does mold! Flooding causes structural damage to the home, foundation, and yard. That is all very expensive to fix.

So seriously, if you don’t have rain gutters PLEASE CALL ME ASAP! By not having gutters you are putting your health at risk. The health of your family and pets at risk. The condition of where you live is at risk. You are putting your neighbor’s property and health at risk too. That could lead to costly and long drawn out lawsuits. Being in court is an awful yet totally avoidable experience.

Trust me when I tell you that I am willing to help you re-route this damaging rain water run-off away from your home. Let’s just talk, a consultation is free. Together we can explore funding options if that is an area of concern for you. I really do care because your health matters. If it’s not about the price then let me know what is about. Maybe I can help. This is good for you! Just call me!

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