Wind, rain, and hail gutter storm repair.

The worst time for gutter repairs and cleaning in San Marcos CA is during a down pour. So therefore it makes sense that the best time for gutter repairs is BEFORE you need them, not when you need them.

Gutter Repairs, Cleaning, and Storm Damage Maintenance

So we just got through a heavy rain front that dumped a lot of water and hail over the last few days. It rained hard! I saw friends posting on Facebook about hail and snow in their yards. People all over North San Diego County such as in Vista and San Marcos saw hail and light snow covering their yards over the last few mornings. That’s right, snow! It was wild! Last time I can remember it getting cold enough to leave frozen water on the ground was many, many years ago.

Gutter Repairs

I was absolutely “flooded” with business! (pun intended) And also, oh my gosh, the high winds brought so much storm damage to so many people. I was cleaning and fixing gutters faster than ever before. But I’m not complaining! I am very thankful for all the work and for the trust my customers place in me to get the job done quickly. Now with that being said, let’s talk about rain gutter maintenance.

Pouring down rain

Worst Time for Gutter Cleaning

The worst time to clean your gutters in while it’s pouring down rain. I know YOU don’t want to be out there doing that. And quite frankly it’s not my favorite thing either. But I’ll do it for you anyway. However it’s best for everyone, and for your home and property, to have clean and maintain your gutters before you need them to function. That way they are ready to handle *almost* whatever comes at them.

About the *almost* part… Last week I made repairs on lots of broken gutters. Some of these gutter repairs where due to aging gutters and lack of maintenance. Of which, is easy to avoid, by calling me for an inspection at least once per year.

Leaky gutters needed cleaning and repairs.
Leaky gutters needed cleaning and repairs.

The bulk of gutter repairs, however, were from falling tree branches. With high winds come falling and flying debris. Smaller lighter debris, such as leaves and twigs, collect in your gutters causing clogs, unfortunately, right when you need them to be flowing lots of water.

Larger branches fall on gutters and then kink, bend or outright rip them away from your roofline. When that happens the water will not drain properly away from your home and yard. Then that causes flooding and a host of other nasty, inconvenient, and potentially expensive problems. Problems such as flooding, water damage on or inside walls, water seeping under walls flooding inside your home, soil and yard erosion, and needing an entire new gutter system replacement.


Get it Done

You can easily avoid all these hassles, problems, and high costs of repairs by calling me BEFORE you actually need me. Before the rains, before the Santa Ana winds, before the bad weather seasons. That way I’m not spread too thin so I can readily help you with your gutters. Waiting till the last minute, or even worse, when you are in crisis, is not a good plan. Even so, just know that I’ll always do my best to be there for you in an emergency situation.

So here’s what you should do now. Call or text me for a free on site gutter inspection and safety evaluation. I’ll come over, check out your gutters, and let you know their condition. And then suggest any repairs, maintenance, or upgrades I feel you’ll need either now or in the near future. There’s no obligation, and no upfront cost. I’m just giving info and gaining a chance to serve you.

That’s what I do. I give. I love giving. I enjoy helping people with my craft. I actually enjoy rain gutters, climbing ladders, working with the big equipment in my van, getting sunshine, and fresh air. But most of all I really enjoy meeting people and seeing their smiling happy faces. That is absolutely the best, right? So I’ll always do my best at being happy so that you’ll be happy meeting me and then enjoy the outcome of my services. One call starts it all.

Free Quote

Call me for a free onsite no B.S. quote on your next rain gutter project. New installs, repairs, gutter maintenance, downspouts, on your home or commercial buildings, whatever you need, when you need it. Call or Text 760-445-8762.

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