Just like the name implies, half round gutters look like a round pipe that is cut it in half lengthwise. Also known as “U-shaped” gutters, they can really add a dash of flair to the right home.

Half Round Gutters
Half Round Gutters Cut-Away Example

Half round gutters look great on homes built in the early to mid-20th century due to the rounded architectural styles of that time. Although they look great on modern homes too.

In addition, “U-Shape” gutters are ideal for curving roof lines which we find in certain styles of architecture. They also look great on Spanish style homes. Half round is the primary choice when copper is used. Our half round rain gutters are available in both aluminum and copper.

Copper Rain Gutters Installation of Half Round Copper Gutters
Copper Half Round Gutters

Half Round Gutters Are All About Choices and Style

One of the beauties of seamless half round rain gutters is that they match almost any style of home, from historic to modern. Even though half rounds are only 10 percent of the national market, the gutters are an upscale product and so an array of decorative accessories is available.

Before 1950, and throughout history, half rounds were the original type of gutters on most homes. When K Style gutters were introduced in the 1950s and 60s, they were a good fit for the ranch-style homes that were being built then. But now, in the last five to seven years, half round rain gutters have made a comeback. Seamless half-round is now available, and many custom homes prefer a traditional look for their gutters.

Custom Fit Seamless Half Round Rain Gutters

Like the copper half round gutters shown in the image above we can make them in aluminum too. All our rain gutters are custom cut for seamless installation onsite by our gutter forming specialist.

Prior to the introduction of mobile seamless gutter machines (like what we use), most gutters were delivered to a job site in sections that had to be joined. Generally available in 20-foot lengths or shorter, the sections were subject to freight damage. Even if the gutters arrived unscathed, they were still vulnerable to leaking and structural weakness at the joints and seams.

These factors, coupled with the evolution in gutter fasteners from spikes to hidden hangers and corrosion-resistant gutter screws, mean many gutter systems installed earlier than the mid-1980s are now obsolete.

Half Round Gutter Colors

We offer 33 different stock colors to choose from. Or you can custom paint your new gutters to match your home’s color scheme.

Gutter Color Chart
Rain Gutter Color Chart

Size Matters

Six inches is the standard size for half round gutters. Because copper is expensive we save you costs by  making two gutters from a 12-inch coil (raw material) without any waste. With 5-inch gutters, you’d waste two inches of raw material coil. So it makes economic sense to get the larger better performing 6” gutters instead of cutting them down to 5” while still paying for the 6” worth of materials.

In contrast, performance over price is a major consideration behind the use of 6-inch half-round gutters. Since a 6-inch circle has less volume than a 6-inch square, then a 6-inch half-round gutter drains less water than a 6-inch K-style gutter. To compare half-rounds to K-style, you have to go down one unit in size. That is, a 6” half-round gutter drains as much as only a 5” K-style gutter.

But it’s okay when you consider another unique factor of the half round gutter design. With K-style gutters, flowing water spreads out to the square edges of the trough. But with a half-round gutter you have a rounded trough so the water flows faster to the bottom point of the trough. That improves the flow, so that you might need less pitch for gravity to move water through the gutter.

The Role of the Gutter Specialist

“Gutters are an art,” says Greg Martin, owner of AAA Pro 1 Rain Gutters. “It takes time to learn the proper pitch and angle and the subtlety of crossing or blending vertical and horizontal lines.” The result is one gutter that can handle the rain flow of a commercial roof or today’s residential mansions, without adding unsightly bulk to the roof line.

This attention to detail ensures a water tight fit on all joining sections, protects your investment, functions flawlessly, looks great and lasts for 30+ years.

For More Information

If you want to know more about rain gutter materials and which one is best for you then contact us. We’re happy to help you any way we can. You have questions? We have answers. Oh, and free quotes too!

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