K Style rain gutters somewhat resemble a stylish crown molding found on interior ceilings. Therefore, builders tend to select a K style gutter because their profiles blend better with modern architectural trends. Also known as OG or Ogee, K Style gutters account for over 80% of the gutters on homes today. They are available in aluminum, copper and galvanized steel.

k-style rain gutter

Our K-style gutter comes in two sizes, 5” and 6” and are made of either aluminum or copper. The 5 inch K style gutter comes with a 2 inch x 3 inch downspout. Our larger 6” system uses a 3 inch x 4 inch downspout. He highly recommend the 6” gutters for most applications.

We offer 33 different stock colors to choose from. Sizes available are .027 and 032 aluminum and in 018 galvanized steel. If our colors are not to your liking then all our metal gutters can be custom painted to be a perfect match to your home’s color scheme.

Gutter Color Chart

Custom Fit Seamless K Style Rain Gutters

We custom fabricate all our gutters to the right length right on the job site. The finish is durable and resists dirt adhesion so that also means it is moisture resistant too. This tough surface prevents unsightly peeling so therefore has greater color retention than other products. It’s also easy to clean.

Prior to the introduction of mobile seamless gutter machines most gutters were in pre-cut sections. This was so for easier shipping to a job site. Generally available in 20-foot lengths or shorter, the sections often produced unsightly roof lines and were subject to freight damage. Even if the gutters arrived without dents, scratches or missing elbows, leads or mitres, they were still vulnerable to leaking and structural weakness at the seams.

These factors, coupled with the evolution in gutter fasteners from spikes to hidden hangers and corrosion-resistant gutter screws, mean many gutter systems installed earlier than the mid-1980s are now obsolete.

The Role of the K Style Gutter Specialist

Greg Martin, owner of AAA Pro 1 Rain Gutters, claims that good gutters are a form of art. It takes time to learn the proper pitch and angle. And also the subtlety of crossing or blending vertical and horizontal lines.

The result is a gutter system that easily handles heavy water flow. Such as a commercial roof or today’s steep roof residential mansions. And all this without adding unsightly bulk to the roof line.

This attention to detail ensures a water tight fit on all joining sections and protects your investment. Also it functions flawlessly, looks great, and lasts for 30+ years.

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If you want to know more about rain gutter materials and which one is best for you then contact us. We’re happy to help you any way we can. You have questions? We have answers! And as always, free quotes!

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