Proper Gutter Installation with Aluminum Rain Gutters Matching House

An inch of rainfall doesn’t sound like much. But when it falls on an average-size roof, it adds up to 623 gallons of water flowing into your gutters and downspouts. That’s an awful lot of water that can cause an awful lot of damage if your gutters aren’t up to the task of controlling it. Yet we barely give gutters a second thought until they’re clogged and overflowing.

Proper gutter installation is very important concerning the maintenance of your home. Most homeowners don’t think about their gutters too often, unless it fails. Then they think about it a lot! It’s no fun trying to line up emergency services during a 600+ gallon failing rain gutter flood crisis. You need gutters that work right before you need them! So that’s why thinking ahead may prevent you stressing over some costly home repair bills in the future.

Proper Gutter Installation

Aluminum gutters are great. They are low cost, easy to maintain, and last a long time. They stand up against bad weather hold their integrity in all climates. Seamless aluminum rain gutters don’t rust. And since they are study they work well for 25 – 30 years or longer. Copper and Galvanized Steel are also really good. What’s best for you depends on the application and your budget. So one of the reasons that aluminum gutters are so popular is because they fit a wide range of applications. Another reason is they are lower cost that the other two choices.

Seamless K-Style Gutters are the most common gutter shape in Southern California. The traditional K-Style blends nicely with most Spanish style homes.

We custom make all your gutters right on the job site with our seamless gutter forming machine. Large rolls of raw aluminum gutter coil, made from aluminum alloy are always onboard so we have enough to complete any size job. We also carry Galvanized Steel and Copper too. There are various gutter form attachments for making the different sizes and shapes of gutters. After attaching the right piece for your gutters, we then feed the raw coil though the back of the machine. And then your perfect gutter comes out the front. We then cut it to length as it emerges and then install onto your home.

Proper Gutter Installation Involves Custom Size Seamless Gutters from our Gutter Forming Machine.
Our Seamless Gutter Machine

Gutter Pitch

It might surprise you to know that we do not install your gutters level. Because if we do then the water won’t flow towards the downspouts. So we install your gutters with a slights angle downwards towards the downspouts. That way gravity assists in water flow to avoid standing stagnate water. You want the water coming off the roof to flow easily through the gutters and down away from your home.

Gutter Hangers

Gutter hangers are brackets that attach the gutters to the house. Best way to secure them is with screws. Some gutter installers use nails. We never use nails, only screws. Because nails eventfully come loose and leak. Water leaks around the nail into the wood and rots it from the inside out. As the wood rots the nails become looser. Before you know it the nails are falling out, the gutter is falling off and your fascia wood is rotting and needs replacing. All this is avoidable by using screws. Screw secure tightly so water does not leak into the wood. So then the gutter stays firmly in place. Securing the gutter firmly to the fascia board helps keep them in place when you most need them there; such as during heavy rainstorms.

For standard gutter installations, gutter hangers should be about 24 inches apart. If you have a large roof or a steep angle that flows more water then you’ll need more hangers that are about 12 to 18 inches apart. That way they’ll be able to handle the extra weight of more water. Remember that water weighs just over 8.3lbs per gallon. Considering that one foot of 5″ K-Style gutter holds 1.2 gallons of water then a 50 ft section on your home could be holding about 500lbs of water when full. That’s a lot of weight!


Downspouts are (usually rectangular) pipes that direct rainwater from your gutter to the ground. Remember, gutters are for catching and directing water, not for holding it. So you want that water moving out of the gutters quickly. And when the water flows towards the ground you also want it to go away from the home, not pool around the base of your walls.

Heavy rain can easily overrun a gutter system with just the minimum number of downspouts. So this is why the number of downspouts and their placement becomes very important. To me it’s a basic math equation. I determine the size of your roof in square feet. Then figure in the angle of the roof. A roof with a steep angle will flow water into the gutters faster than a slight incline. All that info tells me what size gutters to use and how many downspouts you will need.

Downspout Placement

Another factor is downspout placement. Sometimes the best place for a downspout does not work well with either the aesthetics of the home or maybe with the landscaping. In those situations I do the best I can to make it work. If it’s an ascetics issue then I do my best to blend the downspouts into the look of the home so they don’t stand out.

Notice downspout blending at corner of garage.
Notice downspout blending at corner of garage.

Landscaping issues are easy to work around. We can use pipe extenders or tie into underground downspout drainage systems to flow water away. (Note: Landscaping is not one of our services but we can connect the downspout to your underground system.) The main rule of thumb is to divert water at least 5 feet from your home. Farther is better. If you want to go green then your downspouts can empty in rain barrels. That way you don’t get the run-off and you can save that water for later use elsewhere in your yard.

Bottom Line

Installing rain gutters is a complex and time consuming task. It’s dangerous too if your home has a second story or taller roof line. So that’s why proper gutter installation is best left to the professionals. We have years of experience installing gutters. For us, no job is too tall. High roofs are okay!

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