What are Straight Face Gutters?

Straight face rain gutters are flat and straight on the front side. They are also known as “invisible” gutters because of the way they blend in to the architecture, especially when the color of the gutter matches the building. Color matching is easy because we offer 32 colors of metal to choose from. If none of those matches then you can paint them any color you want.

For example, it appears at first glance there are no gutters on this property. But they are there, doing a great job protecting the property from water damage while looking great at the same time.

Straight Face Gutters on Apartments in San Marcos, CA. blending in to roof line and nearly invisible.

Straight Face Gutters Flow More Water

Straight face gutters can hold up to 66% more water than a conventional K Style gutter. So they are great for larger roofs that flow more water or very steep roof inclines where water flows faster.

How Much Gutter Do You Need?

Figuring gutters sizes and capacities is a complex equation involving the length, size (total square footage), slope of your roof, and the maximum rainfall you can expect in your area. It’s best leaving the calculations to us.

We’ll also factor in enough appropriate size downspouts as well. Because having the right size and amount of downspouts will help ensure good drainage. As a simple rule, you’ll need a downspout every 30 to 40 feet. For most homes, this means installing spouts at each corner of the house. If it’s a wide house then we might need to place an additional downspout somewhere in the middle.

Gutter Cost

Now you may be wondering how much these gutters cost. While I can’t answer that in this short article and video because there are too many variables, I can offer you a free, in person, price quote. That way we can see the property, take measurements, and then write a very special quote just for you.

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