Straight face gutters are what they sound like: These gutters are flat and straight on the front side. They look best on modern homes with straight lines, but look great on just about any home.

Straight Face Gutters

Straight face gutters are also known as “invisible” gutters. That’s because of their tendency to blend with the fascia and roof-line. Especially when the color of the gutter matches your home. At first glance it will appear there are no gutters at all. See image below for example. Or watch Straight Face Gutters Video here.

Straight Face Copper Gutters
Straight Face Dark Copper Gutters

Straight Face Gutters Move Lots of Water

When it comes to gutters… bigger is better!  The purpose of your gutter system is to collect rainwater and divert it away from your walls and foundation. When a gutter system has to collect water from large roof areas or has to carry water long distances it is wise to have larger capacity gutters and downspouts.

This is where straight face gutters shine over standard K Style gutters and half round gutters. Straight face gutters can hold up to 66% more water than a conventional K Style gutter.

Houses under 1000 square feet with a mild sloped non-tiled roof require a conventional 5″ gutter to get the job done. A larger home, or a steeply sloped roof, and/or tile or metal roofs will require a larger gutter in the 6” size to prevent water from shooting over the gutter thus draining the run off more efficiently.

Also our gutters come standard with larger 3” x 4” downspouts. These will discharge water 4 times faster than traditional smaller size downspouts. This comes in handy during El Nino season or when heavy rainfalls come which may only last for a few minutes quickly dumping a large volume of water.

Metal Choices

“Straight face” refers to the style. They are available in 2 choices of metals: Aluminum and copper. Both metal choices come in 5” and 6” sizes.

The thickness of the aluminum we use is .032 thousands of an inch (24 gauge). This is thicker and stronger than the industry standard .027 thousands of an inch, often used by other gutter companies.

Thinner gauge materials of .019 thousands are more likely to dent, ripple, bend, and even tear apart. So that’s why we don’t like to use thin metal. Thinner cheap varieties are often sold in short seamed sections at big box stores for the do-it-yourself- installers. We do not recommend thin materials with seams due to low durability and short life.

Seamless Straight Face Gutters

We custom make all your gutters seamless. Seamless refers to the gutters themselves. They are cut on site to the exact size your house needs. There are seams at the corners and downspouts. But those are mitered, folded and sealed to prevent leaks. Attention to detail is one of our favorite company values!

All our gutters come with a 100 year warranty on materials against chipping, cracking and peeling plus a 2 year guarantee on workmanship.

Variety of Colors

Gutter Color Chart

We offer 32 colors to choose from. If those don’t work for you then these gutters accept paint well. So you can paint them any color you wish (aluminum only).

If choosing copper they come in two colors: Natural copper and a dark brushed copper with clear coat finish.

Benefits of Seamless Straight Face Gutters:

  • Handles 66% More Water
  • “Invisible” Straight Faced Design Blends with Fascia
  • Stronger than Traditional Gutters
  • Custom Made Corners & End Caps
  • Seamless Style for No Leaks
  • Installed with 3” x 4” Downspouts
  • 32 Popular Colors to Choose From
  • Can be Custom Painted to Match Home
  • Also Available in Copper
  • 5” & 6” Sizes Available
  • 100 Year Warranty on Materials

Want a Free Consultation or Price Quote?

If you are unsure of which size or style of rain gutter will work best on your house, then no problem. Call our office and speak with Greg Martin.

He’s happy to come over to your house and show you what size of gutter will look and work best on your home. He carries samples with him. So together you can decide which style and color are a best fit for the appearance of your home. And then he will quote you prices if you want.

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