It doesn’t rain much in Southern CA during the summer. So that makes it a perfect time to repair your rain gutters. Why? Kinda obvious: Because the weather is good! You don’t want to be fixing and cleaning gutters when you need them the most, like in a downpour. You want to get all that done BEFORE you need them. Makes sense, right? Here’s what can go wrong if you don’t…

Santa Ana Winds

Another reason is the Santa Ana winds. They blow hard. And those winds carry lots of debris that goes right into your gutters and clogs them up. Sometimes branches fall from trees damaging the gutters. Now they won’t work right. But you don’t notice because it’s not raining. But then when it rains and you see your gutters overflowing causing floods you realize it’s too late.

Good time to repair rain gutters is before they are clogged with gutter yuck from leaves and other debris.

Asphalt Shingles

Here’s something else most people NEVER consider. But I see it all the time, almost every day. Do you know what asphalt shingles are? (photo below) It’s the most common roof top material on SoCal homes besides those wavy clay tiles.

Improper Downspout Placement Causing Problems with Asphalt Shingles. THIS is a good time to repair rain gutters!

Well those have a very course surface that’s similar to 40 grit sand paper. And that surface slowly sheds little nubblies. And when it rains, or the wind blows, those nubbly particles go into your gutters. But they are mostly too heavy to flow with the rain water. So they slowly build up until your gutters have such a low capacity that they overflow with even the slightest rain.

By the way, the photo above is not one of my installs. If your gutter system has downspouts that empty onto another section of roof like this one then have that moved ASAP! You can see why in the photo. That’s a lot of damage! Not only is that debris clogging the gutters it will also eventually cause roof damage and leaks into the home.

Asphalt shingle debris is heavy. So as it collects your gutters they will bend, sag, and eventually break away from your house. Now you have a much more serious problem to contend with!

Clogged Gutters from Asphalt Shingle Debris Run-Off

And even worse, some of this debris does flow… right into your downspouts! And then those are clogged too! Downspouts are much harder to clean. And you can’t just look into them like you can with gutters. So you don’t know they are clogged until you really need them the most.

Good Time to Repair Rain Gutters is BEFORE You Need it!

Listen, I’ve been doing this for a long time. And I’ve heard people call last minute saying they need gutter repairs, gutter cleaning, or a new gutter install. While I do have a few trucks on the road I can’t help everyone right when they need me. Especially in the rain! For real- It’s massively unsafe for me and my crew to be working on slippery ladders and roofs in high winds and rain. But I do it anyway when someone really needs me. I’m good at what I do and I work fast. However I can’t be in more than three places at once!

Seriously, don’t take chances with water damage. Have all your gutter maintenance done before the weather turns wet. So a good time to repair rain gutters is when the weather is good. That way when you call me it’s not an emergency. And we can have your gutters working properly before you need them most.

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