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We want to trust people, especially professionals, to be honest and look out for our best interests. But unfortunately not all contractors are honest. Sad to say some are just out to fill their pockets and rip you off. In this brief article you’ll see the Top 5 Gutter Installer Scams and how you can avoid them.

You may have heard of scam artists who pose as honest professional contractors and trick people by selling of items and services that people don’t really need. And then provide poor workmanship while charging a really high price. Well, in my opinion, that type of behavior is a rip off at any price, even if it was free!

Top 5 Gutter Installer Scams and How to Avoid Them

1) You Have to Do This Today or Something Bad Will Happen

Scammer contractors use scare tactics to trick them into saying “yes” right now. They exaggerate things in a convincing way to make sure the customer is good and scared. For example, you gutter could be clogged with leaves and debris and therefore not properly flowing water. But the scammer tells you they are corroded and the entire system requires replacement otherwise your house will flood in the next rain storm causing you tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

A reputable contractor will offer to clean your gutters for a reasonable charge. And then discuss a maintenance plan with you.

How to avoid this scam: Ask to see the damage and assess the situation with your own eyes. If it looks like a possible scam then get another opinion.

2) Requiring Full Payment before Starting Work

It’s a huge red flag when a contractor tells you that he will need 100% payment upfront prior to starting any work on your home. A good contractor will never do that because they have accounts with their suppliers. While it is common for a contractor to ask for a 20% or 30% down payment if it is a very large project spanning multiple days, they never ask for the entire amount upfront.

This is not always a scam tactic however it is all to frequent. If there is a good justifiable reason to pay upfront then that’s okay. But too many times the contractor collect payment then says he has to leave to get materials or a crew or whatever excuse. Then you never see him again.

How to avoid this scam: Ask why he wants full payment first. There might be a really good reason. If not then either say no entirely or offer to cover hard costs of materials upfront. But if you do that, then make sure you’ve completely vetted him first. Meaning you’ve done your research and know that he is a real contractor with an business. And you have all his contact information.

3) Super Low Price

A really low price that is far below market is not always the great deal it might look like. This is a big red flag because there are certain costs that cannot always be met by charging a super low price. To be able to meet that price and still make a profit you can expect him to cut corners, use low quality materials and do poor quality work. And that’s if he gets any work done at all!

Professional contractors have material suppliers, dealers, work crews, etc. And they have to pay their suppliers a fair price. And then pay their work crew a decent living wage. So if the contractor is a solo operation he might be able to charge a little less than someone with a big crew. And that’s okay. But if it’s an astoundingly low price then it’s either a scam or he’s going to use cheap materials do a super fast bad job.

How to avoid this scam: Ask why his price is so far below his competition. If he can give you logical good reasons, and prove them with facts and numbers, then he’s probably honest enough. But if you get vague answers or he tries to blow off the question by changing the subject then it’s best to say no thank you.

4) Saying they Love Last Minute Changes

People love additions, improvements and upgrades at the last minute. Scam contractors are well aware of how to convince people of needing expensive additions after beginning a project. “A larger size gutter with more downspouts would be better for you.” Or maybe, “This aluminum gutter system you wanted is okay, but you’d probably really enjoy copper gutters so much more!” Well, this sounds like a great idea but not after all the work is complete! Making changes in the middle of a project can make things expensive for you. Because work has to be undone and then redone again to accommodate the new plan. And then they charge you big for this.

How to avoid this scam: Make sure you approve of a plan right at the start of the work. He will tell you how much it will cost, how much time it will take, and how they will proceed. And then don’t change you mind if he tries to pressure you into upgrades.

5) Too Many Projects in Going On at the Same Time

Sometimes people like to hire a contractor that has lots of projects in play because is shows that the contractor is successful and in demand. In contrast, con artists are really good at looking super busy. And then they come up excuses to be at your house for an hour or so while they should be there all day completing your project. More often than not they disappear mid project and never come back.

How to avoid this scam: Since it’s in a contractor’s best interest to finish the job as soon as possible make sure they are not overextended in their work load. Ask for a time to completion commitment and get it in writing if you can. And then hold them to it.


Avoid these gutter installer scams is important. But even more important is choosing a local gutter installer you can trust. Finding the perfect contractor can be easier as long as you are knowledgeable and prepared. Hopefully you’ve gained some valuable and useful insights with us today.

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  3. And because of that, and with what you just learned, you now have everything you need to make the best informed decision for you.

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